Where can you find the best urology doctor in Gurgaon?

For most of the Indian population, kidney stones have turned into one of the most prevalent issues. Retrograde intrarenal surgery, also known as RIRS, has grown in popularity among both patients and physicians due to its low risk of complications and high rate of success. Numerous surgical treatments have replaced traditional kidney stone removal as the evolution is turning towards modern technology and sophisticated medical procedures.

Kidney stones are common in both males and females as well and thus there are male as well as female urologist doctors in Gurgaon. If you live in Gurgaon or nearby places, then you can find several of the best RIRS surgeons in Gurgaon. Among the various methods for treating kidney stones, RIRS is used for big kidney stones. You might be surprised to know that stones can occasionally be as big as golf balls. Here, extremely sophisticated techniques like RIRS - Retrograde Intrarenal surgery is very helpful in effectively eliminating kidney stones.

Using precision laser technology, the non-invasive sophisticated method known as RIRS, or retrograde intrarenal surgery, removes big kidney stones. The surgery is typically advised for kidney stone removal when the stone is smaller than 15mm. However, other studies show that, depending on the patient's age, history of open surgery, the number of stones, etc., RIRS can also be utilized to treat kidney stones up to 20 mm in size. The stones that require RIRS treatment are either drug-resistant or too big to be removed by lithotripsy or ureteroscopy.

Retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) is used when shockwave lithotripsy surgery fails to remove the stones inside the kidney. RIRS is typically used to treat big stones. Under normal circumstances, it is typically the best option for patients with stones between 10mm and 14mm in size. To prevent complications following surgery, it is crucial to speak with your doctor before beginning treatment if you are on any medications or have an ongoing medical condition.

RIRS is a cutting-edge surgical procedure for treating difficult kidney stones. To guarantee there is no discomfort during the surgery, the doctor delivers spinal or general anesthetic prior to the treatment. To pinpoint the exact location of the stone, the urologist conducts imaging tests. The ureteral channel is then examined using a tool known as a ureteroscope. The tool has a camera attached to one end, which helps the surgeon go and look inside the body to find stones or points of ureteral obstruction.

A surgeon performing the surgery may take the help of forceps to remove the stones or use laser beams to shatter them into smaller pieces. The stone is targeted with an advanced holmium laser in order to break or move it without endangering the nearby organs. Urine is then used to flush the stone particles out of the body. Smaller stones are generally simpler to break and evacuate from the body than larger stones, which may need additional space. To allow these stones to pass freely, ureteral stents may be inserted which enables them a wider space to move easily.

In some cases, the level of surgery is very serious which is why you need to find the best urology doctor. If you are located in or around Gurgaon and are looking for a urologist, then Dr. Yogesh Taneja is one of the best urology doctor in Gurgaon. Along with doctors, hospitals are also a major point to be considered for your surgery. Avise hospital is a very well-known hospital for urology-related treatments. It is one of the best super specialty hospitals in Gurgaon. Also, it is a tertiary healthcare hospital, which means all the complex and advanced surgeries are conducted here by the best in industry urologists.

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